Monday, January 30, 2012

Can I drive?

This morning, my 4 year old offered to drive us to school...

Ok, I know my daughters are growing up faster than I like, but when your 4 year old offers to drive?

"Ok, honey we need to slow down just a bit, the state of Michigan says you have to wait 12 more years.  Nice try though."

Also, because of an older book I picked up from a teacher that retired, which speaks to the bad things alcohol and drugs do to your brain, I get a lecture everytime we get in the car.  EVERYTIME!

"Daddy, did you know that beer can make you fall down and say funny things and you shouldn't drive when you had beers."

"Yes, I did know that."

"If you ever have too many beers, you shouldn't drive, it could hurt someone else."

"Yes honey, that is so true."

"If you ever had to many beers I could drive us, if we have to only go a little ways, like from Uncle Grant's house...."

(I cut her off) "Not a chance honey...not a chance....nice try though."

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